Dental Intelligence - The #1 software for growing your dental practice

The All-In-One Toolkit To Grow Your Practice.

We analyze everything, automate your day, find hidden revenue, fill your schedule & so much more.

The World's #1 Software For Managing & Growing Your Practice.

Dental Intelligence connects to your Practice Management Software then runs in the background, tracking everything, analyzing, automating, finding opportunities, & communicating with you. Imagine the compounding effect of doing everything right, every single day.

improve team performance

Unlike anything ever seen in the Dental industry. A system for training your team, tracking performance, & always knowing exactly what to improve.

"We’re about $300,000 over last year’s production which already puts us above $1 million. The first time we’ve ever been above a million this early in the year.”
Northcutt Dental

patient care

Built-in, automated solutions for keeping patients from falling through the cracks and helping them get the treatment they need.

“The most future appointments ever scheduled in our office, by far. The highest pre-appointment percentage EVER.
-Dr. Nadia Calderon - Normandy Dentistry

Increase Practice Profitability

A proven system that fills your schedule, keeps your patients coming back, finds hidden revenue, increases production and collections, and more.

“Pre-appointment shot up from 23% to 40%-- And an additional $217,120 in added annual collections!”
-Dr. Kim - NuYu Dental

Hollowbrook Family Dentistry


Our brand new front desk hire just did $17,185 of rescheduled production using Dental Intelligence.

Umang P.

Practice Owner

In the last year we’ve gone to $1.705 million in collections- that’s 20.3% growth!



Hygiene Pre-Appointment went from 57% to 87% in our first few months using Dental Intelligence.

J Nabors


800 more future appointments scheduled as compared to this time last year which equals $284,000 in additional scheduled production.

Erik R

Practice Owner

Our huddle yesterday was a home run!!!! We had a hygienist who was doing a right-side SRP, and by using the Dental Intel app, she was able to easily see the patient also needed a filling on the right side.

D Miner.


Production is up by $133,213 from this time last year.


Practice Manager


Kari D.

Practice Manager

I've been in dentistry over 20 years and it's about time we have a tracking software that integrates with out dental software. Saves so much time and make it easy to act.

Zachary J.

Practice Manager

In less than 2 weeks we brought back $35, 516 in Hygiene Recare. This week alone I scheduled $12,091


Practice Manager

I love the metrics boards in Dental Intelligence like the Collections Board where I can see everything instantly.

D Kim


Using Dental Intelligence pre-appointment shot up from 23% to 40%! An additional $217,120 in added annual collections!

Vanessa S.

Practice Manager

This software is EVERYTHING!

New Smile Dental

Practice Manager

8% increase in just the first month! More than pays for 2 years of Dental Intelligence.

A. Foster

Practice Manager

We love that each team member has a daily call list and reminders. We just had a record quarter!

Janice C.

Practice Manager

There is nothing else on the market that gives you the breakdown and goals like Dental Intelligence. A huge boost to production and patient base!

Dentistry at East Piedmont

Practice Manager

We've been really focussing on Production Per Visit over the past 12 months and we've just hit a $308,143 INCREASE in production from this time last year.

Foster Dental Care


We’ve increased Future Visits by 260 appointments---an extra $77,220 for our practice.


Practice Manager

Over $46,000 brought in from automated follow-ups!


Practice Manager

Our first month using Follow-Ups we've already rescheduled close to $35,000 and the month's not even over.

Amy K.

Practice Manager

This system is THE system of ALL systems! Where have you been all our lives!

D Tafolla


We just scheduled $8,000 in one day that would have been otherwise overlooked.

Cheryl C.


In 2 days we just scheduled $8,390 using the auto follow-ups. Before Dental Intelligence we were making calls but not getting anything scheduled. Now it’s all tracked so we can see where we make mistakes and learn and get better.

Smile Exchange


We scheduled 235 patients last month which equaled $99,600 in production!

Jos S.

Practice Manager

We beat our monthly production by $90,000 as compared to this month last year.